Need Free Trial Emails? Jumpstart Your Writing With These
Fill-in-the-Blank Email Templates


If you're launching a SaaS app with a free trial period and need to write onboarding emails, these fill-in-the-blank templates can help you jumpstart the writing process.

These templates work best if you go through the trouble of defining your SaaS app using the following formula: Problem, Agitation, Solution

Before you dive into the templates, make sure to answer the following questions...

  1. What does your target user struggle with most? (Problem)

  2. What specifically do they go through? Where does it happen? Does it taste, smell, or
    feel a certain way?

  3. Why is your product a no-brainer for solving their problem (Solution)


Let's Pretend You're Building Proposal Software

Imagine you created a SaaS product to help people send proposals for work more efficiently. Your target user has been a contractor for years. They have conversations with leads, send a proposal, and then...wait.

They’re currently writing and sending proposals with tools like:

  • Ÿ Google Docs

  • Ÿ An electronic signature service, like Right Signature Ÿ An email tracking extension, like Streak

And one of the features in your product is analytics. So contractors know who viewed the document and when to follow up.

So using the formula...


As a contractor, you're not sure your prospects are reading your proposals.


You send them a document, and you're stuck waiting for them to respond via email - and feel awkward following up every week. And have no idea if your prospect is lying about looking at it or not.


A tool that lets you send proposals to clients - and tells you exactly when and what they looked at.

Repeat this exercise for any other features your SaaS app has, and you'll start seeing the patterns of how emails like these are written.


Note: These Emails Won't
Last Forever

Right after you launch, you're going to experience people that aren't right for your product...

Or you're going to find out your messaging needs to shift. 

So even after deploying these emails, you'll still have to keep an eye on your churn rates and/or do further customer research.

But these templates should get one more thing off of your to-do list during your launch. They include...

1. The Welcome Email Template
2. The Installation Email Template
3. The Feature Push Email Template
4. The Demo Email Template
5. The Trial Ending Email Template
6. The Trial Expired Email Template
7. The Trial Success Email Template

The Email Templates + Examples

All templates are in Google Docs. 


The Welcome Email
Template + Example

The Installation Email Template + Example

The Feature Push Email Template + Example

The Demo Email
Template + Example


The Trial Ending Email
Template + Example

The Trial Expired Email
Template + Example

The Trial Success Email
Template + Example