"The Go-To Expert on Emails That
Convert SaaS Users"

Joanna Wiebe Founder,  CopyHackers  &  Airstory

Joanna Wiebe
Founder, CopyHackers & Airstory

You want to increase your MRR, so why waste your time and money hiring anyone BUT Sophia to optimize your onboarding strategy?

She’s become the go-to expert on emails that convert SaaS users.

In fact, her post on upgrader emails was so popular with our readers, we invited her to run a copywriting tutorial on the subject.
Eugene Mankov Co-Founder,  Videodone

Eugene Mankov
Co-Founder, Videodone

I had Sophia review our nurturing emails because they weren’t resulting in clicks or conversions.

I won’t lie…I cringed when Sophia went through everything we were missing.

But as it’s said: no pain, no gain. Now we’re ready to deploy a brand-new nurturing sequence, so the result was well worth the money and time.

Highly recommend her work to SaaS founders who need a fresh look at their email strategy and actionable insights to improve it.
Josh Brown Owner,  Smart SEO Designs

Josh Brown
Owner, Smart SEO Designs

When it comes to email, Sophia knows her sh*t (just read some of her blog posts).

When I was in need of serious help with revamping a cold email campaign, she helped me break down each email in the campaign. She told me what she liked as well as what areas needed improvement and how to make those improvements.

Hands down worth the investment - we should easily recoup the investment with this new cold email series.
Fede Margelli-Schragger Dir. of Mktg,  Snapppt

Fede Margelli-Schragger
Dir. of Mktg, Snapppt

I came across Sophia via CopyHackers and immediately emailed her to ask if she had availability to help us out.

Thanks to her work, we were able to craft a new onboarding campaign for Snapppt that incorporates email and in-app messaging for a seamless user experience.

We love Sophia’s attitude and flexibility. Plus, her copy works!

We can’t wait to work with her again.





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