Email campaigns for
high-growth SaaS companies

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The truth is, I shouldn't know anything about SaaS, leads, or conversions.

But I wanna tell you a story about how I built an 1,386 email list...

From scratch...

With zero training and a free Mailchimp account. 

And how that email list never sat right with the boss's boss. 

I knew my days were numbered when I tried - and failed - to convince him that my email list was more valuable than sitting in the hot, sweltering sun handing out water bottles at the farmer's market. 

They didn't wanna believe you could impact a community using email, digital, or any technology, for that matter - that it all had to happen face-to-face. 

And with 135,000 people to serve, I knew that there was no freaking way my time was going to scale. 

So I looked elsewhere for ideas. 

And thanks to my habit of frequenting startup events in my free time...

I met dozens of aspiring SaaS founders, dying to make an impact on the world with with their software.

They needed my help. And they were eager to build relationships with their customers. 

So I took a leap of faith. 

I left the only career I ever knew to help creators like you create the software business of their dreams.


2 years later, business is still humming along

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To me, running a business is so much more than a way to pay your mortgage - it's about making an impact on the world.

I've worked with startups across 3 different continents to grow their business with email, and my favorites include...

  • Applying the concept of endowed progress in an onboarding sequence for a video collaboration app
  • Scoring more discovery calls for a cloud-based business intelligence dashboard tool
  • Finding the 'aha' moment for an Instagram-based brand influencer service 

If you want to know more about my work, here are a few ways to go about it.

You can...

And if you run a high-growth startup and are struggling to build relationships with your users, send me an email.

Thanks for reading,

Sophia :)

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